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product developing

Our skilled and professional team can help you through the stages of product developing. If you have the idea, we can help you to turn it into a product. From finding the materials which your product should be produced from, through planing and drawings, sampling and production. Our experience with the factories in China and our professional team can help you to get throe your dream faster and easier. If you are not familiar with the  Chinese culture and way of business, you sure need a guiding hands to lead you through this process. With CHIMSO GROUP product development team, you can be relaxed at home, doing what you are usually doing, while we will get you the results that you need.






production planing
QC Services



In the core of the industry and with an access to major factories, we can manage your production from A to Z. From planing to sampling, from production to shipping, our high motivated employees can plan your production to your most satisfaction until it arrives to your port. Let us do the hard work for you here and enjoy the benefits of our experience. 



Why taking the chances of getting damaged products? Why risking your money and your supply chain? Weather you need one day of general inspection for your products or full dedicated team of 24/7 quality control, we can help you to make sure your products will be inspected exactly the way you need. We have the flexibility to train our employees to check the products according to your criteria, sending daily reports to you so you will know every day what is happening with your production. 


Cooperating with factories to get your products OEM is not always easy as it sounds. Your valued labels and bar-cods can be copied or be used for other items with no control. Our office is giving OEM services for big companies so they know what happen with their valued assets and making sure their flow of production doesn't get  wrong. 


OEM services
human resource

If you need people to work just for you but you don't want to open an office in China, we can help you doing that. Let us know what you need and who you need and we will find the right employee for you. In accordance to the Chinese low you will have a peace of mind while your employee is getting all full social insurance, tax payments and being fully operated by our company.  




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